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Happy New Year Daddy’s Journals Family! I am Keith Erickson Smith, the author of Daddy’s Journals: An Intimate Journey Into Parenthood. My feet have yet to touch the ground because all of this ‘published author’ business is so hard to conceptualize — mainly because these journals were not written with the intent to publish. The only intention I had back then was to ‘be’ a father. My overwhelming joy of becoming a father compelled to me capture my thoughts and feelings during Kennedi’s pregnancy. Once we were pregnant with my son Myles I knew I had to journal again. The backstory behind our family is not one of surprises Heather and I planned our family in specificity (when to conceive, what time of year to conceive, etc) and God answered our plans QUICKLY! Daddy’s Journals is a story of faith, family, and fun! It’s more than a pregnancy journal. It is about a man and his wife entering a new chapter with hope and joy that only God can provide. These journals were written over two decades ago but I believe the themes of faith, family, and fun still resonate today. It is truly a honor to share these journals with you. Thank you for your support and may God bless you richly in the new year.

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